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dc.contributor.authorLingytė, Monika
dc.contributor.authorValsamidis, Stavros
dc.contributor.authorMitsinis, Nikolaos
dc.contributor.authorPolychronidou, Persefoni
dc.description.abstractE-commerce is a rapidly growing activity, therefore it is of vital importance to examine consumer’s behaviour toward e-shopping decisions. Many researchers have recognized some factors influencing consumer’s attitude while shopping on line and still ecommerce attracts a high level of interest. This paper investigates the differences and similarities of women’s behaviour toward e-commerce in two culturally different countries. Some factors such as trust in vendor, trust in transactions, language, culture, age or education and their possible impacts on e-commerce use, are described in this paper. We use a random sample of 183 women from Lithuania and Greece. The results show that there are some behaviour differences between the two countries. In particular, women in Lithuania use, trust and appreciate e-commerce more than women in Greece. These tendencies seem to be strongly affected by culture. Furthermore, the impact of e-banking technology on the e-commerce use is estimated. On the other hand, factors such as age, education or language are not found to have a significant impact on intention to shop online more frequently.en
dc.titleE-commerce behaviour of Lithuanian and Greek womenen
dc.title.alternativeLietuvos ir Graikijos moterų elgsena e. prekybojeen
dc.description.abstract-ltStraipsnyje lyginami Lietuvos ir Graikijos moterų elgsenos skirtumai naudojantis e. prekybos priemonėmis, nurodomi jų kriterijai. Apibendrinus atliktas apklausas, paaiškėjo, kad Lietuvos moterys daugiau pasitiki e. prekybos galimybėmis ir kad joms įtaką daro e. bankininkystės technologijos. Nepastebėta ryškesnių skirtumų dėl amžiaus, išsilavinimo ar kalbos skirtumų.en
dc.publication.sourceIntelektinė ekonomika, 2011, Nr. 1(9)en
dc.subject.keywordE. komercijaen
dc.subject.sciencedirection04S - Ekonomikaen

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