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dc.contributor.authorLudhiyani, Arpit
dc.contributor.authorJoshi, Satyadhar
dc.contributor.authorPathak, Rohit
dc.description.abstractIn this work we have executed a comprehensive review of green energy consumers to predict the market behavior and discussed some inputs for financial modeling. We have proposed a model based on different input parameters and linked them to form a structure that can be used for financial analysis to forecast future prospectus of green energy. Impact of various scenarios are considered and discussed in detail, and their effects on the market of alternative energy are explained. Demand, sales, decision making, simulations, extreme events are discussed and modeling options are explored. Importance of forming parity, random movements, and equilibriums are scrutinized so that they can be modified for making financial engineering models for green energy.en
dc.titleConsumer behavior and strategic finance in green energy.en
dc.description.abstract-ltŠiame darbe pateikiama išsami vartotojų elgsenos analizė žaliosios energijos rinkoje bei aptariamos žaliosios energijos finansų modeliavimo sąnaudos. Pasiūlytas modelis, grįstas įvairiais įvesties parametrais ir struktūromis. Modelis gali būti naudojamas finansinei analizei, taip pat „žaliosios“ energijos ateities perspektyvų prognozei.en
dc.publication.sourceIntelektinė ekonomika, 2012, t. 6, Nr. 1(13)en
dc.subject.keywordŽalioji energijaen
dc.subject.keywordAlternatyvūs energijos šaltiniaien
dc.subject.keywordGreen energyen
dc.subject.keywordAlternative sources of energyen
dc.subject.sciencedirection04S - Ekonomikaen

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