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dc.contributor.authorŠtaras, Kęstutis
dc.contributor.authorŠiopė, Aneta
dc.description.abstractThe efficiency of an activity is defined by the costs, resources and quality of the result. It is inseparable from each activity and includes a variety of areas: decision management, the activities of employees, the services provided, and the usage of resources. Therefore, one of the main objectives of a company is work efficiency and its optimization.Although the Lithuanian healthcare system is being improved, greater efficiency requires change. The public body “Centro polyclinic” seeks to optimize a number of clinical processes that determine the quality of services, and their availability for medical staff and patients. An effective healthcare system is developed with these measures.The aim of the research is to study the importance, benefits for patients, impact on the clinic, personnel efficiency, and availability and quality of services as defined by the information technology development and improvement of the work optimization. The subject of the investigation is the opinion of the personnel and patients of the public body “Centro poliklinika” in regards to the work efficiency improvement and its evaluation.The study includes an analysation of the normative legal acts and various literatures. Also, a survey was carried out and processed with the SPSS program. Tables and figures were prepared using Microsoft Excel 2003 program.The scope of the survey is 152 medical personnel, 64 of them filled out an electronic questionnaire and 88 completed it in regular form (in paper). There were 240 patients—161 filled out an electronic and 79 filled out a paper form.Hypothesis confirmed—the public body “Centro poliklinika” is not sufficiently effective. Main work conclusions: 1. Though information technologies have influenced many changes in the work processes of the clinics, infrastructure is still being developed and improved. The public body “Centro poliklinika” has professional personnel, qualified service is provided, modern equipment is used, but in the opinions of the respondents (patients and personnel) it has not yet developed a high-level of service. 2. Summarized and optimized results could later be improved and use for quality and effective healthcare system development in all of the medical institutions in Lithuania.en
dc.titleVšĮ Centro poliklinikos veiklos efektyvumo vertinimas.en
dc.description.abstract-ltVeiklos efektyvumo didinimas ir jo maksimizavimas yra vienas pagrindinių kiekvienos įstaigos tikslų.Veiklos efektyvumo didinimas ir jo maksimizavimas yra vienas pagrindinių kiekvienos įstaigos tikslų.Lietuvos sveikatos apsaugos sistemos veikla gerėja, tačiau noras pasiekti dar didesnį efektyvumą reikalauja permainų. VšĮ Centro poliklinika siekia optimizuoti daugelį medicinos įstaigoje vykstančių procesų, kurie lemia paslaugų kokybę ir jų prieinamumą.Darbo tikslas – ištirti informacinių technologijų plėtros ir darbo organizavimo tobulinimo VŠĮ Centro poliklinikoje kryptis, naudą pacientams, įtaką šios įstaigos ir medicinos darbuotojų veiklos efektyvumui, paslaugų prieinamumui ir kokybei.Tyrimo objektas – VšĮ Centro poliklinikos personalo ir pacientų nuomonė dėl veiklos efektyvumo gerinimo būdų ir jo vertinimas.Išnagrinėti teisiniai aktai, atlikta anketinė apklausa. Pasitvirtino iškelta hipotezė: VšĮ Centro poliklinikos veiklos efektyvumas nėra pakankamai aukšto lygmens.en
dc.publication.sourceSocialinių mokslų studijos, 2010, Nr. 3(7)en
dc.subject.facultyPolitikos ir vadybos fakultetasen
dc.subject.keywordSveikatos priežiūraen
dc.subject.keywordElektroninė sveikataen
dc.subject.keywordHealth care serviceen
dc.subject.sciencedirection03S - Vadybaen

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