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    • Expression of Engagement in Gamified Study Course 

      Kalinauskas, Marius
      Purpose – To explore expression forms of engagement during gamified study course. Design/methodology/approach – The qualitative study was being conducted in order to find out how engagement is being expressed among the ...
    • Gamification in fostering creativity 

      Kalinauskas, Marius
      Purpose – discuss the assumptions for gamification application in fostering creativity. Design/methodology/approach – the author analyses the precognitions that allowed gamification to attract mainstream attention, the ...
    • Kūrybiškumo skatinimas per žaidybinimą pagal žaidėjų tipus 

      Kalinauskas, Marius
      Purpose – to analyze gamification, as the method for promoting creativity in individual and collective levels with the respect to player types. Design/methodology/approach – This research serves as a general review/viewpoint ...