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    • Independent and creative learner in the ESP classroom 

      Mažeikienė, Viktorija; Valūnaitė Oleškevičienė, Giedrė; Kavaliauskienė, Galina
      One of the aims of university education is to prepare an independent researcher who is able to process and manage information flow and think critically. The task of making an oral presentation is very effective in developing ...
    • Kritinio mąstymo sampratos interpretacijos 

      Indrašienė, Valdonė; Jegelevičienė, Violeta; Merfeldaitė, Odeta; Penkauskienė, Daiva; Pivorienė, Jolanta; Railienė, Asta; Sadauskas, Justinas; Valavičienė, Natalija
      Critical thinking is considered one of the most important skills, which determines the welfare of the person and of the whole society. The importance of critical thinking is noted in the strategic documents of Europe and ...
    • Students’ attitudes towards cooperative learning effectiveness in specialty English classes 

      Stepanovienė, Aušra
      Cooperative learning is now an accepted and often the preferred teaching procedure at all levels of education. The most important goal structure, and one that should be used the majority of the time in learning situations ...