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    • Filosofinės totalitarizmo antinomijos 

      Lilijana, Astra; Jakimenko, Virginija
      Modern research of such complex political phenomena as totalitarianism requires new concepts and theoretical approaches. Even more they are related with a phenomenon of antinomy and emergence of internal conflicts between ...
    • Loginio ir kalbinio taisyklingumo įtaka mąstymo pokyčiams. 

      Jakimenko, Virginija (2014-01-14)
      The concept of thinking is an area of interest for researchers in a wide variety of disciplines: humanities, social and natural sciences. Unlike neurobiologists, who use special technologies to examine human brain activity, ...
    • Logiškumas kalboje ir mąstyme 

      Jakimenko, Virginija (2014)
      Logicality means clear and sound reasoning according to the rules of logic or formal argument. Logicality is a traditional, associated with thinking and speech, value, which has a great importance in the area of scientific ...