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    • Lietuvos įmonių vadovų intelekto kompetencijų raiška 

      Skaržauskienė, Aelita; Paražinskaitė, Gintarė (2010)
      This paper presents the research results in evaluation of managers’ intelligence competencies in Lithuania. The total sample of 201 consists of subsamples in two industries: retail (103 respondents) and manufacturing (98 ...
    • Saugos tarnybų vadovų asmeninės ir dalykinės savybės 

      Valiulė, V.; Selenytė-Juostė, L. (2018)
      Scientists gave a various opinions about the individual’s ability to lead, so there is often a smothering debate about what should be the leader and what he needs in order to maintain the coherence of the organization in ...
    • Viešojo ir privačiojo sektorių vadovų darbo motyvacijos ypatumai 

      Diržytė, Aistė; Patapas, Aleksandras; Mikelionytė, Rasa
      In order to increase the knowledge about a manager’s work motivation, the aim of this article is to analyze the work motivation of managers in both private and public sectors. There were 81 participants in this research, ...