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    • Bendra privatizacijos prielaidų charakteristika 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras; Savas, Emanuel Steve
      The word govern comes from a Greek root ,,kybern", which means to ,,steer" (The same root appears in cybernetics, the science of control.) The job of government is to steer, not to row. Delivering services - whether repairing ...
    • JAV valstybinės valdžios aparato didėjimas 

      Savas, Emanuel Steve; Obrazcovas, Vladimiras
      The article examines the size and growth of governments in the United States, The three different measures are used to define the size of government: the number or government units, their expenditures, and the number of ...
    • Jungtinių Amerikos Valstijų valstybinių ligoninių privatizavimas 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras
      The article analyses the issues involved in the privatization of public hospitals in the U. S. Faced with increasing costs, many public hospitals are bleeding red ink and thus encounter difficulties when making investments ...
    • Kaitos administravimas viešojo ir privataus tipo organizacijose 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras; Vozbutienė, Asta
      Every organization is a part of constantly changing world. The change of environment and human needs influence communications, order and traditions of organizations. As the consequence of such a change organizations must ...
    • Municipalinė privatizacija Jungtinėse Valstijose 

      Savas, Emanuel Steve; Obrazcovas, Vladimiras; Patapas, Aleksandras
      Competitive contracting is the most common form of municipal privatization and has been growing in USA since the 1970s regardless of the political affiliation of elected officials. Between 1982 and 1992 contracting increased ...
    • Privatizacijos teorija 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras; Savas, Emanuel Steve
      The article presents the theoretical basis for privatisation. The vast jumble of goods and services can be sorted and classified according to two characteristics: exclusion and consumption. Goods and services are subject ...
    • Valstybės ir savivaldybių turto valdymas ir privatizavimas: teorija ir praktika. I knyga 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras; Savas, Emanuel Steve; Jančauskas, Eduardas Enrikas (2003)
    • Vandentiekio privatizavimas JAV miestuose. 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras (2013-11-28)
      Why do cities privatise? The top two reasons that the governments privatise are an internal effort to reduce costs (about 90% of the respondents) and external fiscal pressures (about 53%). In other words, governments ...
    • Viešųjų paslaugų privatizavimas: praktika ir patirtis 

      Obrazcovas, Vladimiras; Savas, Emanuel Steve (2009)