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    • Katalikų sužadėtinių santuokos samprata 

      Narbekovas, Andrius; Obelenienė, Birutė; Kulpys, Žydrūnas (2011)
      In the recent five years a growing number of people getting married in Lithuania have been registered. However, at the same time Lithuania is the leading country in EU based on the number of divorce cases. Divorce has ...
    • Lytinio švietimo grėsmės paauglių lytiškumo ugdymuisi bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje 

      Obelenienė, Birutė; Pukelis, Kęstutis (2009)
      In solving questions of risky adolescent sexual behaviour prevention, it is common in both state prevention and health promotion programmes and educational means to see two essentially different processes equated: sexual ...