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    • Apmokėjimo už kasmetines atostogas ypatumai Lietuvoje 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      Annual leave is granted to employees in order for them to rest and regain their efficiency at work. Article 49 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania provides that every employed individual has the right to ...
    • Atsiskaitymo su darbuotojais užtikrinimo problemos. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      The right of a person to get a fair payment for his/her work is legalized in the 48th article of Constitution. Sometimes the law is evaded by making payments to workers for their work. Mainly it depends on the fact how ...
    • Content and Implementation of the Right to Annual Leave: Analysis Based on the Case Study of Lithuania 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida; Mačiulaitis, Vilius (2019)
      Annual leave is granted to employees in order for them to rest and to regain efficiency at work. In accordance with Article 31 (2) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and Article 7 of the Directive ...
    • Darbo sutarties rūšių išskirstymo reikšmė ir jų nustatymas 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      There are different types of labour contracts established in the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – LC), which, for the reasons of termination, nature of work, features of functions, psychophysical ...
    • Darbuotojų teisių apsauga perduodant įmonę, verslą arba jų dalis. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      Lithuania like all other new EU member states has faced the task not only to harmonize labour law system with EC law but also to guarantee common social values – protection of the employees in the event of transfers of ...
    • Darbuotojų teisių įgyvendinimas darbdavio nemokumo atvejais 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida (2011)
    • Decent work and its purpose. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida (2014-03-03)
      Not only labour relations have changed, but also the attitude towards work and labour relations, therefore, it requires new legal regulation. The possibility to reconcile work and family obligations, work at home, qualification ...
    • Dispozityvios garantijos darbuotojams darbdaviui tapus nemokiam. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      Co-ordination of the imperative and the facultative methods is characteristic for legal regulation of labour relations. Since the legal labour relations are becoming more liberal, the prevalent principle, is considered the ...
    • Guarantees for the Workers with Family Responsibilities in Lithuania 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida (2013)
      The Purpose is to identify the gaps in the Lithuanian law, which impede the implementation of the principle “work-life balance”, and to provide the suggestions for granting workers with certain guarantees if they attempt ...
    • Kolektyvinio darbuotojų atleidimo iš darbo reglamentavimas Lietuvoje. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      Crises in enterprises cannot be evaded in circumstances of market economy; therefore the redundancy of a part of workers is indispensable. In general, it is necessary to make redundant a group of workers due to the economic, ...
    • Lietuvos darbo teisė: schemos ir komentarai 

      Dambrauskienė, Genovaitė; Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida (2009)
    • Socialinės užimtumo įmonės. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      Starting from the May 1st 2004, the enterprises that has employees with limited functional capacity, will loose some exemptions, i.e. value-added exemption will be annulled, and the corporation tax exemption will be valid ...
    • Tarptautinių darbo laivuose standartų įtaka Lietuvos jūrininkų darbo santykiams. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      It is very important for Lithuania as a maritime state, a member of International Labour Organization (hereinafter -ILO) and a member of International Maritime Organization (hereinafter - IMO) to elaborate and develop ...
    • Teisinė garantijų darbuotojams prigimtis. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      Legal nature of guarantees is directly connected with the realization of human rights. Guarantees of human rights is a complicated, multi-sided phenomenon, their origin is bound up with legal regulations, genesis and ...
    • Terminuotųjų darbo sutarčių sudarymo teisėtumas. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      The character of fixed-term contracts in Lithuania, particularities of their formation and disadvantages of legal regulation is analyzed in this article. A number of legal constraints defined in the Lithuanian Labour Code, ...