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    • Būsimųjų policijos pareigūnų fizinio pajėgumo kaita taikant savarankišką darbą 

      Veršinskas, Robertas; Bagočiūnas, Stanislovas (2007)
      When training high quality specialists, one of the most significant elements of the educational process is the targeted development of independent work skills. The aim of the research was to determine the impact of the ...
    • Statutinių pareigūnų fizinis rengimas 

      Veršinskas, Robertas; Bagočiūnas, Stanislovas; Gaška, Vytautas (2007)
      The article deals with the methods of physical and combatant training of statutory officers, as well as their physical and functional fitness. The aim of the research was to work out the organization and administration ...