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    • Termino skundui paduoti atnaujinimo institutas administracinėje justicijoje 

      Gagys, Tomas; Ramanauskaitė, Jūratė
      The Article analyses the legal basis for renewal of the term for submission of the complaint in administrative cases, consolidated in the Law on Proceedings of Administrative Cases and the in Law on Procedures of Pre-trial ...
    • Terminological tendencies in scenes of crime technique. 

      Kędzierska, Grażyna
      Forensic science uses its unique terminology. Is this terminology changing and what are the directions of changes? The diagnostic analyze of head-words in literature shows, that that forensic science terminology indeed ...
    • Terminuotosios darbo sutartys flexicurity aspektu 

      Mačiulaitis, Vilius (2010)
      This article aims to examine the problems of the conclusion, implementation and termination of fixed-term employment contracts in the context of flexicurity. Globalization as well as rapid progress in work organization and ...
    • Terminuotųjų darbo sutarčių sudarymo teisėtumas. 

      Mačernytė Panomariovienė, Ingrida
      The character of fixed-term contracts in Lithuania, particularities of their formation and disadvantages of legal regulation is analyzed in this article. A number of legal constraints defined in the Lithuanian Labour Code, ...
    • Terminų vartojimas tiriant nusikalstamas veikas elektroninių duomenų ir informacinių sistemų saugumui 

      Bučiūnas, Gediminas
      The paper deals with terminology usage in the investigation criminal acts targeting the security of electronic data and information systems. Every year the amount of cyber attacks against private and state institutions ...
    • Terorizmas ir jo prevencijos Lietuvoje problema. 

      Gutauskas, Aurelijus; Kalesnykas, Raimundas; Petrošius, Darius
      The article deals with Lithuanian experience and practice in the sphere of terrorism prevention and combating of terrorism. Scientific works and empirical research, analyzing the problems of terrorism prevention and combating ...
    • Terorizmas ir kova su terorizmu - dvi grėsmės žmogaus teisėms (metodologinis aspektas). 

      Vaišvila, Alfonsas
      The article considers general principles of fight against terror in the light of human rights protection point, and inner contradiction of aforementioned fight. This contradiction is evidenced by the fact that, by subjective ...
    • Terorizmas kaip žmogaus teisių universalumo neigimo padarinys. 

      Petkuvienė, Rūta
      The article provides an analysis of the crisis of making human rights absolute and terrorism. Essential freedoms, however, must be available to everyone. Every individual must be prepared to give up some rights for the ...
    • Terorizmas: jo priežastys ir raidos tendencijos. 

      Beinoravičius, Darijus
      In the article taking terrorism as problems of terrorism conception are discussed legal aspect of phenomenon into consideration. In nowadays society the conception of terrorism is becoming more and more actual, we hear ...
    • Terorizmo apibrėžimas tarptautinėje teisėje 

      Vasiliauskienė, Violeta
      The article analyzes the definitions of terrorism established in the regional and universal international agreements and in the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism. The definition of terrorism is important ...
    • Terorizmo grėsmė globalinių krizių valdymo kontekste. 

      Černiauskienė, Nendrė
      In the article the author analyses the concept of the crisis phenomenon, the development of critical situations; proposes the ways of controlling them; suggests theories of crisis management through the objectives and ...
    • Terorizmo grėsmė kaip teisėsaugos institucijų integraciją skatinantis veiksnys. 

      Žilinskas, Dainius
      The article considers influence of terrorist threat as an international challenge to the Lithuanian national security towards management of law enforcement institutions and possible changes in their legal status. A thesis ...
    • Terorizmo kriminalizavimas Lietuvoje 

      Pakštaitis, Laurynas
      The article deals with the traditions and trends of defining terrorism in the Criminal Code of Lithuania, requirements for the criminal law for criminalizing act of terror as well as terrorist-related crimes.
    • Terorizmo sąvoka. 

      Paukštė, Arūnas
      The subject of this article is the analysis of terrorism, to show point and indications of this phenomenon, to determine the definition of terrorism. At first the author delimits definitions of terror, terrorist offences ...
    • Terorizmo sociopsichologiniai ypatumai. 

      Diržytė, Aistė; Patapas, Aleksandras
      The purpose of this study is to focus attention on the types of individuals and groups that are prone to terrorism in an effort to understand better the terrorism phenomenon. The study examines the relevant literature ...
    • Terra incognita: kiekybinė viešosios politikos diskurso turinio analizė 

      Morkevičius, Vaidas
      The article presents one of social research method - content analysis which is still scarcely known to Lithuanian research community. Discursive nature of public policy and vast amounts of communications expressed in ...
    • Territorial Planning in Lithuania: The Issues of Security of Society and Interests of Investors 

      Pranevičienė, Birutė; Mikalauskaitė-Šostakienė, Kristina; Vasiliauskienė, Violeta
      Territorial planning is a complex process which includes the formation of the directions of the development of the whole country and of a particular territory, the setting of priorities of the usage ...

      Testas, Testas
    • Tėvų ar kitų vaiko atstovų baudžiamoji atsakomybė už žiaurų elgesį su vaiku 

      Grinevičiūtė, Kristina (Mykolo Romerio universitetas, 2016)
      The purpose of this research was to evaluate the criminal liability of parents and other representatives of a child for child maltreatment as a criminal act established in Article 163 of the Criminal Code of Republic of ...
    • Tėvų dalyvavimo ir moksleivių profesinio apsisprendimo saviveiksmingumo sąsajos 

      Pečiulytė, Emilija; Ustinavičiūtė, Laura; Norvilė, Natalija
      The paper examines the career decision’s self-efficacy of final year students and analyses the relationship between students’ career decision self-efficacy and parental involvement during career decision-making. The ...